Runes from the Germanic tribes of old, have been around for a very long time from the first century they have been found engraved onto spears, shields, rock carvings and giant stones. each symbol separate and combined with others have many meanings.

I created these bracelets in respect to each individual rune and its meaning. I do understand that each one holds several meanings so here i will list the basic meaning for each one. if you feel these runes mean something different i mean no offense or disrespect.

i like to wear multiple runes together at a time depending on what i am facing in my life, i wear them almost like an armor.

This particular Rune is FEHU. Traditionally this rune symbolizes wealth.
Which is not necessarily monetary as wealth can come in many forms.
FEHU is a reminder to be grateful and appreciative of the good things that are in and are coming into our lives no matter what form they take.
The bright green back ground reminds me of the richness of spring when life is springing up all around us, the darker forest green in FEHU is symbolic of taking root, like an ancient red wood thriving in all its massive glory among the fresh new greenery that comes with each day full of endless possibilities

Each bracelet will be smudged before mailing and packaged securely.
I would recommend you smudging your item when it is delivered to you as many people touch mailed packages and its a good practice to remove residual energy from anything that will come in contact with your skin.